Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal is an online order form into which you enter the customer's order information. Use it alone to manually enter all orders or use it with one of our other communication options.

Who is a good candidate to use the Virtual Terminal?

  • Any merchant or business whose order volume would allow them to enter
     each order manually (unless used with another communication method)
  • Mail and Telephone Order companies with multiple call center users
  • Small Internet businesses who don't have an online order form
  • Merchants who transmit orders to us via one of our more automated
    methods, but who need to occasionally do manual entries or adjustments

Used alone, the Virtual Terminal is probably NOT right for you if...

  • You have more orders than you can enter by hand
  • Your Web site is already set up with a Shopping Cart
  • You need extensive customization of your order form
  • You have scripting or programming skills
  • You need to share order data with a fulfillment house

What are the main advantages of using the Virtual Terminal?

  • It's fast and simple—no development time or technical skills are required
  • It's flexible—you can process transactions from any computer with an
    Internet connection
  • It's secure—order data is encrypted to protect customer information
  • It's compliant—no hassles with complying with regulations for storing
    sensitive payment information
  • It's organized—you can use the online Business Center and reports to
    review and manage all of your orders

What technical skills are required?

No programming or technical skills are required. Simply log in to the
CyberSource Business Center via your Web browser with your CyberSource
username and password. Select the Virtual Terminal order form. The Virtual
Terminal uses your current Internet connection and Web browser. Set up
takes about 15 minutes.



Use your Internet browser to go to a secure, online order form page called Virtual Terminal. Type your customer's payment information into the fields on the form. Click 'Submit', and the order information enters CyberSource's system.  


CyberSource sends a request to your payment processor to approve the order.  


Your payment processor then notifies your issuing bank, who approves the order and sends the approval back to your payment processor.  


Within seconds, you know whether the order has been approved. Approved orders are paid into your bank account within a few days.


The Virtual Terminal is part of our Web-based CyberSource Business Center, a central place to search, review, and manage your orders and review reports. You can use the Virtual Terminal alone to manually enter all of your orders, or use it in conjunction with one of our more automated communication options.

Implementation Guides

Business Center User Guide