General Testing Information

General Notes:

The simulated test responses are dependent upon the purchaseTotals_grandTotalAmount value sent in the request.

For credit cards, the ccAuthReply_authorizationCode for an accepted transaction will typically be 123456 on the test server.

The requestID will vary. The number increments with each CyberSource transaction (all merchants).

The decision will equal REJECT for declined transactions, ERROR for failed transactions, or ACCEPT for successful transactions.

The reasonCode and <service>_reasonCode is 100 for successful transactions; otherwise, values will vary and depend on the particular error.

For further information about an error, view the transaction's details in the Enterprise Business Center.

For credit cards, the ccAuthReply_avsCode and the ccAuthReply_cvCode will depend on the processor-returned codes. These can be tested using the indicated inputs.

General Testing Responses