Our Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) application provides the following benefits:

  • Superior payment processing security, compared to hand-keying card numbers or using less sophisticated magnetic stripe readers.
  • Endless Aisle. Provides customers with an online-shopping experience at retail locations.
  • Accelerated EMV certification process.

Card Reader Compatibility

The CyberSource mPOS Software Development Kit (SDK) is an EMV brand-certified solution with BBPOS readers. To simplify integration, the CyberSource mPOS SDK works with bbpos® Chipper® 2X, bbpos® Chipper® 2X BT, bbpos® WisePad® 2, bbpos® WisePad® Plus and bbpos® WisePOS® 2.0. CyberSource can accept payments with these readers in Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV), using contact and contactless, magnetic stripe reader, and keyed-in using the card reader.

Enhanced Security with P2PE

Merchants can add PCI-validated P2PE capabilities, powered by Bluefin, that encrypt payment card data at the point of interaction (POI). The P2PE capabilities use secure encryption methodologies and cryptographic key operations, including key generation, distribution, loading and injection, administration, and usage. Decryption is handled offsite, preventing clear-text cardholder data from being present in your network. PCI validation signifies strict controls with a built-in chain-of-custody process for managing PCI P2PE-certified devices. CyberSource and Bluefin abide by these strict controls to protect encryption keys. Device key injection is done directly at a certified key injection facility, and decryption occurs only in the Bluefin Hardware Security Module. The CyberSource mPOS solution with Bluefin P2PE includes access to a P2PE manager, which provides a simple way to automatically track and report on all POI devices for PCI compliance review. The CyberSource mPOS solution with Bluefin supports bbpos® WisePad® 2 reader.

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Getting Started with the CyberSource mPOS SDK for Android
Getting Started with the CyberSource mPOS SDK for iOS

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