Server Release Notes for April 25, 2001

Stored Value

The ics_get_isv_info application returns information about the customer who purchased the certificate, the recipient of the certificate, and the password for the certificate only if the authorizing merchant requests the application.

The ics_get_isv_history application returns information about transactions requested by other merchants only if the authorizing merchant requests the application.

ics_create_isv and ics_modify_isv
The offer-level fields recipient_firstname and recipient_lastname are now optional for physical certificates.

The ics_get_isv_info application now returns the reply field get_isv_info_merchant_name.

The ics_get_isv_history application now returns the reply field get_isv_history_merchant_name0...N.

For ics_modify_isv, if you include a value in the offer-level field isv_physical_notification_status that exceeds the maximum length of the field, you now receive the reply flag DINVALIDDATA.


Card Verification
CyberSource supports card verification numbers (CVV2, CVC, and CID) for the following processors and card types:

  • Paymentech -- Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • FDC South -- Visa, MasterCard
  • FDC Nashville -- Visa
  • Vital -- Visa

If you send a card verification number for an unsupported card type, the number is not sent to the processor, and the reply field auth_cv_result will have the value P, X, or <space>.

If you send a card verification number, but your processor does not support card verification numbers for any card type, CyberSource ignores the card verification number.

Note: If you want to use the American Express CID, contact American Express for an application. Do not send CID values until American Express approves your application.

FDC Nashville
For FDC Nashville customers, in most cases when a transaction fails because of a problem with your FDC configuration, you will now receive the reply flag DINVALIDDATA rather than ESYSTEM.

For Paymentech customers, ics_auth now returns the reply field auth_trans_ref_no.

For ics_ecp_debit and ics_ecp_credit, the request-level field ecp_ref_no can now be up to 16 characters long.

For ics_ecp_debit, the reply field ecp_debit_ref_no can now be up to 16 characters long.

For ics_ecp_credit, the reply field ecp_credit_ref_no can now be up to 16 characters long.

Citibank Meerbusch
You can now use Credit Card Services with the payment processor Citibank Meerbusch.


This is a new service. To invoke this service, send in a ics_risk_update transaction.

Required fields:



Optional fields:

customer_cc_number customer_email customer_ipaddress customer_ipaddress_class3


[address1 (required) address2 (optional) city (optional) state (optional) country (required) zip (required)]

Ics_risk_update takes the input and marks it in the negative list. The purpose of this operation is to DSCORE the transaction with the known bad information.

Example of the output:



Note: DNOTEXISTING indicates that an attempt was made to delete a non exisiting record.

Support Screens

You can now use the CyberSource support screens to search for Stored Value transactions.

You can now search by the value of merchant_ref_number for all transactions.