Server Release Notes for February 27, 2002


Smart Authorization will continue to process an authorization even if the Address Verification Service (AVS) indicates that the address does not match.


In addition to CyberSource's neural network and rules-based models, Advanced Fraud Screen now uses Visa Virtual Intelligence (VI) Technology when it calculates the score of an order.

Advanced Fraud Screen can now return the factor code R, indicating that characteristics in an order display multiple high-risk correlations between the transaction, consumer and merchant information.


If a retry request fails because the server cannot find a reply for the earlier request, you will now receive the reply flag DINVALIDDATA instead of ESYSTEM.


You can now use Stored Value Services.

You can now use Nicos cards with Credit Card Services.

You can now request multiple settlements for a single credit card authorization.

For Credit Card Services, when you receive the reply flag DINVALIDDATA or DCALL, you will always receive the reply code 0.