Server Release Notes for January 17, 2001

Digital Services

In addition to resetting the counters for products identified by merchant_product_sku only, you may now reset the download counter for digitally delivered products that are identified by distributor_product_sku or merchant_product_sku.


The ics_auth application now accepts a new request-level field, card_type.

Before the ICS2 server sends a request to the payment processor, it will truncate any extra decimal places in the total amount of the order.

If you use the ics_bill application to perform a follow-on bill, you cannot include ics_score or ics_elc in your request.

If you include ics_credit or ics_ecp_credit in your request, then you cannot include ics_redeem_isv in your request.

Test amounts have been added for all possible AVS result codes for FDC, Paymentech and Vital.

Ics_auth_reversal no longer returns the reply field auth_reversal_trans_ref_no.

For Vital customers, the credit_trans_ref_no reply field will now contain the letters "CY", followed by the value of request_id.

For FDC-South customers, the bill_trans_ref_no and credit_trans_ref_no reply fields will now contain a unique number for each transaction.

Stored Value

ics_get_isv_info will now return the following new reply fields:


For ics_modify_isv, if you include the field isv_email_delivery_date, you must also include the field recipient_email.

For ics_modify_isv, if you include the field isv_physical_mail_date, you must also include the following fields:

recipient_state (U.S. and Canada only)

You can print a physical certificate through ics_modify_isv by including the field isv_physical_notification_status with the value Need to Print.