Server Release Notes for June 24th, 2014

Business Center: Business Center Online Help Upgraded

The Business Center online help has been upgraded to a new format that improves your ability to find the help you need. Now when you click the Online Help link in the upper right-hand side of the Business Center window, you have access to the full collection of help topics for all of the Business Center applications. This format includes the ability to search across the help collection or to browse through the collection in the left navigation panel. For details, click the Online Help link in the Business Center.

Chase Paymentech Solutions: Support for Merchant Descriptors in Authorization Requests

CyberSource added API field overrides for merchant descriptors in authorization requests for Chase Paymentech Solutions. For details, see Credit Card Services Using the Simple Order API or Credit Card Services Using the SCMP API.

Decision Manager: Queue Move Functionality Added

A Move action has been added to the Queue Editor to further support service level agreements (SLAs). The Move action gives you the flexibility to manage transactions between queues. You can use this action to automatically move cases that are expiring before being decisioned in one queue to a different queue. Depending on the second queue's SLA settings, this action enables you to automatically increase the priority of the case or to automatically decision it. For details, see the Business Center online help and the Decision Manager User Guide in the Documentation section of the Business Center.

Decision Manager: Case Management Search Results Export Enhancement

The Case Management search results export functionality has been enhanced to include more transactional data, including the new device fingerprint information fields. The format (XSD) has also been migrated to the same format that the XML Decision Manager Detail report uses. For details, see the Decision Manager Reporting Guide in the Documentation section of the Business Center.

Simple Order API

Versions 1.100 and 1.101 of the Simple Order API have been released. For information about what has changed, see the Simple Order API Release Notes.