Server Release Notes for March 14, 2007

These release notes apply to the ICS test and production servers.

New Feature for FDMS South

FDMS South was upgraded to support forced captures. For information about forced captures, see the Credit Card Services Implementation Guide.

Gateway Name Change: CyberSource Latin American Processing

CyberSource changed the name of the Braspag gateway to CyberSource Latin American Processing. You can see this change in the Credit Card Services Implementation Guide.

New Features and Name Change for CCS (CAFIS)

CyberSource changed the name of CCS (Japan) to CCS (CAFIS) and added support for the following features: authorization reversal, void, CVN, verbal authorization, payer authentication, and the new Japanese payment option. For more information about these changes, see the Credit Card Services Implementation Guide.

Decision Manager and Advanced Fraud Screen Services

This change affects credit card, electronic check, and direct debit transactions when the account number is not provided: If you use the Global Velocity settings for account number, you receive an information code for repeated account numbers in the transaction reply. Starting with this release, you will no longer receive this information code when you do not provide the account number in your request. Therefore, for those transactions, you will now be able to set the velocity hedge request field to normal if you want. For more information about this field, see the Decision Manager Developer's Guide.

This change affects transactions originating from countries other than the U.S. and Canada: If you do not include the billing state field in the request, you will no longer receive the MM-IPBST information code. Therefore, if you want this code to be returned when the IP address is not consistent with the state in the billing address, make sure to add the billing state field to your request.

This change may affect how rules are evaluated: Starting with this release, the trailing white space at the beginning and end of all request field values will be removed before rules are evaluated. This change will correct several issues, such as when billing and shipping addresses did not match each other. As a result, rules may be evaluated slightly differently.

Decision Manager, Advanced Fraud Screen, and Payer Authentication Services

This change affects how existing customer profiles (subscriptions) are processed with these services: Starting with this release, CyberSource will use the subscription ID to link payment requests to the subscription. When processing a payment, you need to send in your request only the subscription ID. However, you can continue to send a complete authorization request each time if you prefer.

Simple Order API

Version 1.26 of the Simple Order API has been released. For information about what has changed, see the Simple Order API Release Notes.