Server Release Notes for May 12, 2000

For merchants using GRR

A new product registration report is available. The report, which is located at, tells merchants which products are registered under their login. Because the report uses the go_live field, it is only accurate for products going forward.

For Switch Cards only

The field cc_issue_number requires two-digit values. In the past, merchants who entered one-digit values received an ESYSTEM error. Now one-digit values result in a DINVALIDEDATA error.

For CyberCash only

Transaction amounts must be rounded to the nearest penny. In the past, if a transaction involved an amount that included a fraction of a penny (for example $99.99 99/100), merchants received an ESYSTEM error. Now partial penny amounts result in a DINVALIDDATA error.

For merchants who do not authorize Discover cards

If CyberCash does not return AVS data, CyberSource now sets the auth_auth_avs field to 'S,' service not supported. Previously, you would have received an ESYSTEM error.

For Vital only

A new purchase identifier field was added to the settlement record. The field, which has a length of 25 characters, consists of the letters "CY" plus the request ID. The request ID is left-padded with zeros (to 23 characters) if necessary. Merchants may receive this new field in reconciliation reports from banks.