Server Release Notes for November 05, 2003

Web Services APIs

Version 1.4 of the Web Services APIs has been released. For more information, see the Web Services API Release Notes, which are available on the Support Center.

Payment Services

If you are a non-Level II merchant using the American Express Phoenix payment processor, you can now use the dynamic merchant descriptor fields to display your merchant information on the customer's credit card statement. See the Credit Card Services Implementation Guide for more information about using the merchant descriptor API fields.

There is a new Recurring Billing service: the Payment Subscription Update service, which allows you to update an existing payment subscription in the CyberSource system. You can also now convert an existing authorization to a recurring payment subscription. See the Recurring Billing Services Implementation Guide for more information.

If you are using the Bill Me Later feature, the server will now decline your request if you send in only part of the ship-to address. You must send either the complete ship-to address, or no ship-to address at all (in which case the server uses the bill-to address information instead). A complete ship-to address includes the address1 line, the city, the country; and if the country is U.S. or Canada, the state, and the postal code. For information about Bill Me Later, see the Credit Card Services Implementation Guide.


The Tax Calculation service now returns the postal code corresponding to the jurisdiction used to calculate the tax. For the Web Services APIs, the information is returned in the taxReply_postalCode field. For the SCMP API, the information is returned in the tax_zip reply field. For information about the Tax Calculation service, see the Tax Calculation Service Implementation Guide.

Payer Authentication

The server will now decline any test or production Payer Authentication service requests if you have not already contacted your CyberSource account representative to have your account configured to use the services.

Advanced Fraud Screen

The Purchase Frequency feature (previously called Order Velocity) has been enhanced. Currently CyberSource is only gathering statistical data to evaluate the enhancement; right now you will see no changes in your score results.

Added the following new Information Codes:

  • COR-BA
  • COR-SA

For descriptions of the new Information Codes, see the Advanced Fraud Screen Implementation Guide.


The Payment Events Report now contains information about direct debit transactions and credit card transactions processed using the Global Payment Service. For more information about the report, see the Reporting Developer's Guide.

Merchant Registration

Version 1.2 of the Merchant Registration Web Service has been released. In previous versions of the service, you received a 7-digit result code in the reply. In the 1.2 version, you receive a 3-digit result code. You can continue to use the older versions of the service, or change to use the 1.2 version. For more information about the result codes, see the Merchant Registration Web Service Implementation Guide, available on the Developer Center.