How customers drive digital engagement models

Learn how customer expectations continue to drive the evolution of digital engagement models in the Cybersource 2020 Digital First Report.

Cybersource 2020 Digital First Report: A best-in-class view

Customer expectations continue to drive digital engagement and impact all of their touch points with your business. Customers expect the same frictionless experience no matter what device or browser they’re using to access your website or app. 

Robust omnichannel capabilities that help you support unified commerce also help connect the customer experience across all channels, secure customer information, and align fraud management strategies to meet the rising expectations of modern consumers.

We surveyed 890 organisations in 20 countries and territories and asked them which retail approaches were used, and here’s one set of insights we uncovered around shopping habits. Organisations are now offering new ways for consumers to shop, as shown below.

Retail approaches used during COVID-19

Bar graph showing percentages by retail channel

Helpful insights

Our 2020 Digital First Report reveals a common set of priorities across merchants and even more helpful insights to help you analyse your own digital engagement framework.

It also reveals what businesses are doing to manage loss prevention and data security, offer broader and richer customer experiences, and maximise acceptance.

Download the report to understand how organisations are enabling multiple channels with digital engagement in the context of changing customer patterns and demands in their global payment management strategies.

The report shows why it’s worth investing in a unified commerce strategy, and how to get there.