Give your customers an accurate tax assessment at checkout

Provide real-time tax calculation, so your customers can quickly check out, with the correct tax amount applied for their city, county, state and country. Let us take care of complex jurisdictional rules and constantly changing tax codes, so you can focus on running your business.

Enter new worldwide markets easily, with less compliance risk

  • Calculates sales, use and Value Added Tax (VAT) in real time
  • Covers 12,000 tax jurisdictions in the U.S. and sales and international tax in more than 235 countries globally
  • Assesses tax by line item rather than total amount for greater accuracy
  • Accommodates maximum tax rates, product-based rules and exemptions
  • Operates as a hosted service, so there’s no need for specialised software

Accept subscription payments without storing sensitive payment data

With our Recurring Billing solution, you can process subscription and instalment payments, from major and regional cards in numerous currencies.1 Sensitive payment information is stored in secure data centres, reducing storage risks and PCI DSS scope.

Process subscriptions from across the globe

  • Accept recurring payments via all major cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and regional cards (including Maestro, ATM/debit cards, Aura, and Hipercard) in multiple currencies
  • Configure renewal and cancellation rules
  • Customise recurring payment presentment, collection notices and subscription anniversary reminders
  • Store payment data in PCI DSS compliant data centres
  • Optional Account Updater service automatically updates cardholder information

1 Recurring Billing and Dynamic Currency Conversion are dependent on the acquirer connection supporting the related service—some may only be available to US entities.



Automatically update customer card data

Avoid lost sales, frustrated customers and costly manual updates with our Account Updater solution. Each month Account Updater works behind the scenes to keep your card-on-file portfolio current.2 Corrections are made automatically—so you can keep payments flowing in, without diverting time and resources.

Reduce declined cards, increase revenue

  • Automatically updates common types of account changes, including expiration dates, account closures, new card numbers and card issuer brand migrations
  • Supports Visa, Mastercard and American Express3 card brands
  • Seamlessly integrates with our payments platform and tokenisation solution
  • Helps reduce friction at checkout, improve customer loyalty and avoid lost subscriptions

2 The card issuer must be enrolled in the Visa Account Updater programme, Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater or American Express Refresher.
3 Support for American Express is only available for merchants using our Token Management Service.


Let customers pay in their home currency

Available to our financial institution partners, Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is an additional benefit that acquirers can offer their merchants.4 With it, merchants can offer international customers the option of paying in the local currency or the billing currency of their card. This provides easy-to-understand pricing that can help improve conversion rates.

How it works

At checkout, DCC identifies the billing currency of the card and asks the cardholder which currency they would prefer to pay in. Our DCC solution is available to acquirers with the Cybersource through VisaNet (CtV) program in place. We also offer integrations to DCC solutions provided by Global Blue and First Data.

Good for customers, merchants and acquirers

Customers can...

  • Pay in a familiar currency—no rate searches and calculations
  • View transparent exchange rates
  • Gain greater price certainty
  • Access refunds at the exchange rate of the original purchase5


Merchants can...

  • Potentially increase conversion rates from international customers
  • Use a single API for simple integration
  • Help boost customer satisfaction

Acquirers can...

  • Create a new revenue stream
  • Provide a valuable service to merchant customers
  • Use a single API for simple integration
  • Access robust reporting
  • Receive Cybersource assistance with certification and compliance

4 Recurring Billing and Dynamic Currency Conversion are dependent on the acquirer connection supporting the related service—some may only be available to US entities.
5 Available with Cybersource DCC, foreign exchange terms vary with other provider services.


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