Guide to building fraud strategies

Learn how to build fraud strategies that adapt to changing consumer behaviour and escalating payment fraud, so you can bring in more business.

Bring in more business with flexible fraud strategies 

In the face of shifting consumer and fraudster behaviours, how can you bring in more business? By building flexible fraud strategies that adapt rapidly to change. In our fraud strategy guide, experts from the Merchant Risk Council (MRC), Decoded, and Cybersource explain how to create agile fraud strategies that keep more bad orders out, and bring more good orders in. 

Expert insights

  • How customer behaviour and payment fraud have changed as a result of the pandemic.
  • The role of machine learning in fraud detection.
  • Combating the challenge of account takeover and loyalty fraud.
  • Fraud strategies that help capture more revenue by focusing on good customers.
  • Recapturing lost revenues by declining fewer good orders.
  • The top priorities for fraud teams as businesses gear up for the future.

Building fraud strategies that get more business in

The experience of the pandemic shows that fraud strategies must be agile enough to help a business react quickly to new challenges and opportunities. The right combination of technology, data, and human insight is critical to successful fraud strategies. You can call on our integrated suite of fraud management solutions and our wide-ranging expertise to help your business accept more good orders, give genuine customers a great experience, and keep fraud under control.

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