Convert Telco customer churn into opportunities

Learn how you can transform customer churn into growth by offering seamless payments and advanced fraud management.

Did you know that 74 percent of telco customers choose their payment methods based on ease of use?

Improve the consumer experience by making payments seamless and safe, keeping your customers happy and loyal. 

Download our guide to learn how one Cybersource telco customer lowered their fraud rate to just 0.37 percent, and another telco increased their annual revenue by US $7M, simply by improving their card acceptance rates. 

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How you can retain more telco customers

Learn how telco companies that deliver superior experiences and seamless payments can take advantage of churn—attracting new customers, and building loyalty longer term.

Five telco fraud trends you need to know

Telcos need to keep pace with evolving fraudster tactics. From subscription fraud to SIM swaps, here are five key fraud trends to consider when planning your fraud management strategy.

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