Rue du Commerce: Optimizing Path to Purchase and Reducing Fraud

June 13, 2019
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Cybersource Team
Cybersource Team
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In need of a fraud management platform that could scale with their growing business, French eCommerce retailer, Rue du Commerce, turned to Cybersource. Take a look at how our advanced technology and dedicated experts helped them reduce fraud and improve customer experience.

Rue du Commerce by the numbers


  • 1999: Founded in France 
  • 2016: Carrefour group integration 
  • 10 million products and over 1,300 retailers 
  • 10 million monthly visits
  • Over 3 million products shipped each year 


“For anyone in the e-commerce sector, the fight against fraud is crucial: payment fraud is a reality faced by all retailers. For us, our fraud management solution is as important as our payment solution.”

Julien Lepeut—Rue du Commerce Fraud Prevention and Security Manager

The fraud management balancing act


When it comes to effective fraud management, retailers must constantly strive to find a happy medium between detecting attempted fraud, reducing false positives (real customers rejected by mistake) and delivering as smooth an experience as possible for their customers. 

Artificial intelligence powered by billions of transactions


Decision Manager has the ability to integrate the Rue du Commerce team’s knowledge of their customers into building the right rules for their business. This combination of data and knowledge is what makes its fraud management strategy so effective. 

“With this tool, we can model our fraud rules however we want, as well as relying on Cybersource’s scoring and intelligence”, explains Julien Lepeut. 

Decision Manager also offers the ability to passively test fraud rules. This means the Rue du Commerce team can test a new rule to assess whether it is effective, without affecting ongoing orders on the website. And there’s another huge benefit: the tool works in real time. When an attack is discovered, multiple rules can be tested and the most appropriate put into action immediately. 

As well as the solution itself, Julien has praised the help provided by Cybersource: a dedicated fraud expert constantly analyses the account to monitor the solution’s performance and proposes new rules. Such rules can be adapted to changes in consumer behaviors and the fraud landscape, to help ensure they can accept more good orders—and reject of fraudulent ones. 



Until now, Rue du Commerce’s fraud management strategy consisted of a tool developed in-house, based on past outstanding debts and on orders deemed high risk. As its activity expanded, the fraud team at Rue du Commerce started to look for a more sophisticated, efficient, and easily configurable option. 

They turned to Cybersource’s solution: Decision Manager. It offered them the advanced technology they needed, thanks to its rules and analysis engine. Plus, its ease of use, granularity and pricing model were exactly what Rue du Commerce was looking for. 

Reducing the grey area to reduce costs


For accuracy, Rue du Commerce has chosen to review all high-risk orders manually. These orders, which have been reduced to just 10 per cent of the total thanks to Cybersource, are passed on to an in-house team of analysts. They work around the clock to assess these orders and make a final decision. Ultimately, the team accepts the majority of orders.

The Cybersource solution is a key part of the order acceptance process, according to Julien: “The order cannot be released without confirmation from the Cybersource solution. This is the last link in the computerised order management chain, which makes it as important as our payment platform.

Looking forward, Julien plans to make further improvements to the company’s fraud management strategy, but is highly satisfied with the current system.

“We have a very low fraud rate and quite a low review rate, which means we can concentrate on other issues like increasing our conversion rate or managing peaks in activity, especially the Black Friday period.”

Julien Lepeut—Rue du Commerce Fraud Prevention and Security Manager