Need to go digital in the wake of COVID? Invoicing can help.

December 21, 2020
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Cybersource Team
Cybersource Team
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In a COVID-responsive world, the next phase of digital transformation will evolve rapidly, and in order to remain competitive, organizations must future proof themselves with business digitalization.

These times have challenged business norms–including how we operate, remain sustainable, drive growth, and of course, generate profits.  

In a year defined by interruptions, delays, and uncertainty, it's time to refocus and make life easier for yourself and your customers. We want to help future-proof your business–because it’s no longer about riding the storm, but adapting to the fundamental cultural shifts that are reshaping commerce, trade, and consumer behavor. 

Adopting digital invoicing is a low-effort but foundational step in your digitalization journey that helps simplify and streamline operational processes, enabling you get paid faster and have a better visibility of your cashflow. 

Key principles of digitalization

Be where your customers are. Be what your customer needs you to be. High-quality customer service is still highly valued by consumers and business, but the rules for engagement have changed. If you don’t know already, use this time to get to know what your customers and clients need and want.

  • Are you offering them the digital payment or contactless delivery options they want?
  • Are they able to contact you via their preferred platform?
  • What barriers and obstacles to purchase can you remove?
  • How can you increase customer engagement, despite social distancing?

Automate your systems

Automate. Automate. Automate. Now is the time to increase operational efficiency and free up resources to respond and adapt to COVID-related challenges. If a process can be streamlined and automated with a secure digital alternative, it should be. 

Move resources to the cloud. Migrating your internal drives and resources to the cloud is essential for remote work agility should teams (yours, your partners, or your clients) suddenly need to work from home. A real-time view of shared files facilitates collaboration, but you also want as many of your business tools to be SAAS (software as a service) so that things like your accounts, cashflow, and client-facing deliverables can be synchronized and accessible with cloud access as well.

Choose compatible solutions that work together

You’re looking for business tools that can help you automate and digitize your business, you’re looking for ones that allow you and your team to work remotely on the cloud. Now you need to choose compatible solutions that integrate with each other to create a bespoke business “ecosystem” of interconnected tools and multifunctional platforms.

Digital invoicing: Easy for you, easy for your customers

Now is the time to make meaningful change to build resilience in your business. In order to adapt to future of unpredictable pandemic responses, service digitalization and operational agility are no longer “nice-to-haves,” but necessities to maintain competitive and relevant.  

When your invoicing and payments flow, so does your business. Cybersource Invoicing, available in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, is part of our powerful,user-friendly suite of digital solutions for seamless and secure payments. An alternative to paper invoicing and cash payments, our invoicing solution allows you to deliver the personalized service consumers crave, from any connected device, no matter where they are or what’s going on in the world. 

Want to know more about how Cybersource Invoicing can help your business? Get in touch with our sales team.