How to simplify PCI compliance

May 14, 2020
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Cybersource Team
Cybersource Team
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When your customers make a card payment, they aren’t just expecting you to deliver a quality product or service. They’re also trusting you to keep their sensitive cardholder data out of the hands of cybercriminals.

That’s why the major card brands established the Payment Card Industry Data Security Data Security Standard. Under PCI DSS , all entities that accept, process, transmit or store payment card information must meet certain technical, business and operational standards to ensure a secure environment. It’s an important framework that helps protect all parties in the card ecosystem.

Failing to meet the standards can leave your businesses vulnerable to a data breach, an event that can lead to major financial losses and brand damage. Uncompliant businesses may also receive fines from acquiring banks and the major card brands.

Fortunately, you can comply with PCI DSS without exasperating time and resources. The key is keeping sensitive cardholder payment data from entering your environment in the first place.

Reducing scope

The compliance process begins with “scoping.” Essentially this means identifying all the areas in your environment that interface with sensitive cardholder payment data.

Less PCI scope means simpler compliance. And with the right Cybersource solutions, you no longer need to manage the storage, maintenance or processing of payment data. We manage this for you, helping you reduce your PCI compliance audit questionnaire to as little as a few checkboxes. Here’s how it works:

Cybersource payment security solutions

Finding the right security solution will depend on your unique business needs. Explore our Secure Acceptance and Token Management Service solutions and see what’s right for you.

Secure Acceptance

Secure Acceptance allows merchants to accept, process and transmit payment data through secure Cybersource hosted solutions. It’s available in two forms: Checkout Flow and Flexible Token.

Checkout Flow is the simplest way to integrate a payment security solution with your website. It’s a fully hosted checkout page that collects card data directly from your customers, so you don’t have to handle sensitive payment information. With Checkout Flow, you can get up and running with little IT burden and use flexible customization options to ensure the checkout experience stays true to your brand.

Flexible Token is a good option for those looking to improve security, while retaining complete control of the customer experience. This solution replaces the card number input field with a microform, which we securely host. The microform enables sensitive card data to be encrypted and exchanged for a temporary token, which is used to process the transaction. No sensitive payment data ever touches your system.

Learn more about Secure Acceptance.

Token Management Service (TMS)

Capable of performing on a global scale, TMS is a comprehensive token solution that improves and simplifies payment security—and lets you access a range of additional benefits. With TMS, customer payment information bypasses your system entirely and is stored in secure Visa data centers. TMS also uses tokens to simplify omnichannel experiences, gain insight into customer behavior and more:

  • Enhance flexibility, streamline management: By taking advantage of a standardized token format, you can support a wide variety of payment methods—including cards, eCheck, Apple Pay and more—while simplifying management across sales channels (card present, eCommerce, mobile and mail order/telephone order). An agnostic approach to processors lets you maintain existing acquiring and processing relationships.
  • Enable omnichannel experiences: Provide seamless customer experiences across retail sales channels, such as letting your customers buy online and pickup in store.
  • Gain a 360-degree view of customer payment activity: Better understand customer behaviors and generate new insights to drive targeted marketing.
  • Learn more about TMS.