Boost revenue for you and your customers

Our Token Management Service helps your merchants improve customer experience and reduce fraud while boosting revenue—both theirs and yours.

Payment tokenization for secure, seamless payments

Build extra trust and safety into every payment experience.

Link tokens across different card brands, issuers, payment types, and channels into one unified “super token”. Create a 360-degree view of your merchants’ customers’ buying behaviors across different channels. Make the same customer loyalty and rewards opportunities part of every online, mobile, and in-store transaction.

Use tokens to improve your bottom line

Cybersource Token Management Service can have a significant impact on your efficiency and bottom line—by boosting authorization rates, increasing conversion and reducing IT overhead.

  • Recognize more legitimate repeat customers to lift conversion rates by an average of 2.2%.1
  • Reduce fraud by an average of 26%2 without creating additional payment friction for your customers.
  • Streamline recurring transactions across channels to improve conversion rates.
  • Accelerate your journey toward network tokenization with a fast, comprehensive solution for adopting Visa Token Service and other network tokenization technologies.
  • Create a more complete, unified view of your customers and their purchasing behaviors without a time—and resource—intensive effort by your IT department.

Offer more to your customers

Cybersource Token Management Service opens the door to:

One-click checkout options

Use card-on-file information across different channels to deliver seamless and convenient shopping experiences.

New ways to pay

A solution that allows you to embrace new payment methods, channels and form factors quickly and confidently.

More personalized payment experiences

Use cross-channel payment histories and customer data to cater to people’s unique payment preferences.

New shopping experiences

Combine channels and methods in new ways, including buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS), curbside ordering, touchless kiosks and more.

Learn how Cybersource’s Token Management Service helps you help your merchants

Protect your customers’ sensitive payment information

No business can afford the damaged reputation and financial losses that often come from data breaches. Cybersource Token Management Service protects customers’ sensitive personal and card information before, during and after every transaction.

This includes:
Keeping customer data encrypted and secured at rest and in transit, so it stays protected from breaches and theft through every step of the payment process.
Tapping into the advantages of top-tier, Visa grade security by only storing customers’ card-on-file information in enterprise-level, tier-4 data centers.
Reducing PCI DSS compliance scope and costs with a solution that meets the strictest regulatory standards for encryption and data security.

How the payment tokenization process works

You no longer need to store, manage, or process credit card information. We take care of that for you.

  • Payment data is transmitted from the consumer directly to Cybersource, bypassing your system altogether.
  • Payment data is securely transmitted to the payment network and approval is sent to Cybersource.
  • Cybersource converts the card data into tokens and stores the sensitive information in secure Visa data centers.
  • Cybersource sends the message and token (not PAN) back to you to use for your payment operations.

Partner with Cybersource for business innovation and growth

Your customers’ needs. Your needs. Our payment solutions work for everyone.

As a Cybersource partner, you can offer your customers a complete set of payment-management capabilities with integrated solutions for fraud, tokenization and alternative payments. Plus advanced developer tools and business-management toolsets.

Our platform is flexible: integrate once and you can add connections and capabilities to suit your merchants as they evolve and grow. 

Over 430,000 businesses rely on Cybersource to create the payment and fraud solutions they need.

Cybersource. Payments your way.

1 Visa global card not present transactions for token vs non-tokenized credentials, May–July 2020.
2 Fraud Rate Reduction: CNP & CP Average is for set of Token participating Merchants (by Merchant DBA) (PAN & Token) with digital wallet TRs April-June 2018, Issuer region: US.

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