Improve your payment fraud strategy

Learn how advanced fraud strategies are opening the door to secure innovation, payment fraud management, and expansion for today’s businesses.

Fraud strategy has a new role: Enabler of innovation

A white paper by the IDC Financial Insights Team

Fraud solutions traditionally focus on reducing losses, but that's not enough in the age of digital transformation. A modern fraud strategy must support eCommerce businesses as they expand customer channels, adopt automated commerce models, and use a multitude of new payment types.

To do this, eCommerce businesses need a fraud strategy that is scalable, secure, and innovative. An intersection of agile rules and advanced analytics lies at the heart of the strategy. How are you putting advanced fraud management strategies to work?

Learn how to:

  • Choose a robust and agile fraud solution
  • Build fraud strategies with innovation as a central goal
  • Choose an implementation and strategy style
  • Set operational goals
  • Identify business and fraud prevention KPIs in the same context
  • Think agile while adapting to fraud risks

Key findings

This paper presents key findings from interviews with fraud executives in three different verticals: fashion, sporting goods, and airline travel. Each business used Cybersource fraud solutions built on a unique combination of flexible rules, predictive fraud models, and machine learning. These powerful fraud tools estimate the outcome of each transaction acceptance, rejection, or manual review while reducing fraud losses.

The use cases offer insights into building comprehensive, adaptive fraud management programs to control losses and enhance acceptance rates—even while expanding into new channels across borders and into new product lines.

Shifting fraud risks and vectors

Learn about:

  • The ever-present cyberthreat in digital commerce
  • Sophisticated account takeovers
  • Synthetic identity fraud and how it’s fueling losses
  • Loyalty and rewards fraud
  • Friendly fraud

How fraud solutions enable innovation

Learn about:

  • Machine learning and rule agility
  • Fraud solutions that drive customer experience and enhance conversion
  • Operational optimization—reduced reviews and managed services

How shaping KPIs is key to maintaining balance

Learn about:

  • Fraud losses versus acceptance rates
  • Operational optimization
  • Customer experience and innovation

Cybersource use cases

How crafted a comprehensive fraud strategy to assess entity and transaction risk.

Philippine Airlines

How Philippine Airlines stemmed sophisticated fraud while opening the digital gates.

International fashion

How an international fashion retailer increased fraud protection coverage to enable rapid geographic expansion.

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