Reduce the costly consequences of card testing

Card testing is a common tactic used by fraudsters (see more in our latest blog post). They submit thousands of small transactions through eCommerce sites to test for valid card details, which can lead to immense fees and potential processing shutdowns for the merchants they target.

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Card testing can have a significant negative financial impact on your business due to the authorization and chargeback fees associated with this type of fraud. In extreme cases we have seen merchants close their business as a result of a severe attack.

–Jason Trudeau, Cybersource Senior Risk Management Analyst

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The best way to fight attacks like card testing is to be proactive, rather than reactive, with your fraud protection—with a solution like Cybersource’s Fraud Management Essentials.

Protect your business without disrupting the customer experience

You don’t need to be a fraud expert to keep your business safe. Cybersource’s Fraud Management Essentials uses industry-leading AI and machine learning capabilities, based on insight mined from billions of transactions, to help stop card testing and other common types of fraud. It also can boost revenue and conversion rates by detecting and accepting more transactions from genuine customers.

Fraud Management Essentials makes it easy to:

Add extra security

Add extra security without adding friction for your customers at checkout. Each transaction is evaluated in milliseconds, so genuine customers can quickly make purchases.

Get started quickly

Get started quickly with preconfigured settings to detect common fraud schemes and easily adjust rules based on your risk tolerance.

Make informed decisions

Make informed decisions with our user-friendly dashboard that shows orders pushed for manual review. 

Learn about fraud strategy at your own pace

You’ll have access to Fraud Training Modules, where our experts show you how to craft a fraud strategy and implement it.

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Make sure your business is prepared

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