Take advantage of payment innovations to get on track for the future

People expect choice about how they pay for goods and services, and a flawless payment experience regardless of how they pay. Paying for public transport is no exception.

In our industry guide, we explore the latest mobility payment innovations gaining momentum across the globe, including:

  • How 500+ cites have successfully adopted contactless payments for their mass transit operations
  • How tokenization can allow more seamless access to transit and drive personalization by recognizing passengers across journeys
  • How to expand and level up your eCommerce capabilities to provide more choice and value for account-holders
  • How transit operators can enable secure payments and compliance while safeguarding revenue streams
  • How connecting to an open payment platform can enable operators to quickly accept new and emerging payment options

Discover how you can incorporate secure, cost-effective, and scalable solutions that simplify payment acceptance, and help you to keep pace with the evolving payment landscape—today and tomorrow

Discover how to incorporate secure, cost-effective, and scalable solutions that simplify payment acceptance

Enable the next generation of urban mobility payments

Learn how you can help satisfy your customers’ priorities of safety, convenience, and value for money with the help of contactless and digital payment solutions.

Transform urban mobility with Visa

Discover how to create more efficient and sustainable travel experiences for passengers—from the first mile to the last—through connected and secure digital payment solutions