Cybersource Payouts: Simple for you, appreciated by customers

With Cybersource Payouts you can send money directly to a customer’s Visa or Mastercard debit account, prepaid card account or credit account. So, no more paper checks or ACH bank transfers.


Instead of a paper check that can take days to clear, with Cybersource Payouts your customers often have their money in 30 minutes of approving the transaction.1


Most people have a bankcard with them and know how to make online payments. It’s a simpler process than finding details for an ACH bank transfer.

How Cybersource Payouts works

Refunds, insurance payments, loyalty cashback… there are lots of reasons why a business might need to disburse funds to customers. Making those payouts instantly is a great way to keep your customers happy. It’s a better experience which can have a positive impact on loyalty:

Real-time payments

Today we all expect tech to deliver in real-time. With Cybersource Payouts you can transfer funds in real-time, 24/7, 365 days a year.

No wait for funds to clear

Instead of two or three days for a paper check to clear, money arrives in as little as 30 minutes from approving the transaction.1

Simplify and save

Issuing checks and setting up ACH bank transfers takes time and costs you money. Cybersource Payouts simplifies your operations and reduces costs.

A more accurate business view

Cybersource Payouts provides a faster reconciliation process than waiting for recipients to deposit paper checks—helping you keep your books current.

Who can benefit from Cybersource Payouts

If your business pays reimbursements, disbursements or loyalty cashback

If you issue checks to employees, contractors, partners or suppliers

If you have partners or suppliers who expect fast payments

Industries using Cybersource Payouts include2:

  • Insurance
  • Contract staffing
  • Marketplaces
  • Online lending
  • Healthcare
  • Lottery and gaming
  • Government
  • Sharing economy
  • Merchant settlement
  • Financial services
  • Education

Cybersource Payouts is a push-to-card payment method:

Allows direct payments using the Visa Direct and Mastercard Send® integrations built into Cybersource

Supports real-time confirmation when a financial institution receives payment

Works with Cybersource Token Management Service to offer card-on-file functionality for returning payees

Enables payouts in as little as 30 minutes from the time of approving the transaction,1 compared to days with paper checks

Allows regular payouts to be scheduled 24/7, 365 days a year

Done with paper checks? So are your customers:

  • 90% would choose a debit-card deposit vs other methods3
  • 70% consider their debit card number more convenient to use than bank-account and routing numbers3
  • 80% would be more likely to work with a company that offers deposits to debit cards4
  • 84% said being able to receive virtual vs cash rebates improved their opinion of a brand5
  • 51% of millennials are ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ likely to use instant payment methods in the future5
  • 47% of payors who didn’t offer instant disbursements report they plan to integrate such methods5
  • 60% of deposit account attacks in 2019 came from check fraud, with losses of $15.1 billion to businesses and banks6

Make paying and being paid frictionless:

1 Disclaimer: Actual fund availability for Visa and Mastercard depends on receiving financial institution and region. Visa requires Payouts enabled issuers to make funds available to their recipient cardholders within a maximum of 30 minutes of approving the transaction.
2 Use cases are for illustrative purposes only. Program providers are responsible for their programs and compliance with any applicable laws and regulations.
3 Visa Digital Disbursements Consumer Preference Study, November 2017. N=2000, Q37: Given the option, how likely would you be to choose to receive funds through your debit card?
4 Aite Group Research on North American trends commissioned by Visa, 2018
5 Disbursement tracker, Jan 2021
6, Disbursement tracker, Oct 2020

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