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Integration overview

Salesforce and Cybersource give retailers and brands control over their customer’s payment experience, with a wide range of services that optimize acceptance and increase conversion. With ready-to-transact integrations for Salesforce B2C Commerce, B2B Commerce, Billing and Order Management, Cybersource gives businesses the tools they need to accept payments securely, mitigate fraud, and reduce PCI scope.

Cybersource has two B2C Commerce LINK Cartridges available on LINK Marketplace: Enterprise and Quick Launch, as well as a managed package for Salesforce Order Management available on App Exchange. In addition, you can consolidate billing with the latest feature, Salesforce Multi-Cloud Billing.

Ask your Salesforce rep for more information on configuring the B2B Commerce V1 or CPQ Billing products, with the pre-built integrations to Cybersource.

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