Complete order-to-revenue capabilities

Region: Global

Vertical: Subscription management

Zuora offers complete order-to-revenue capabilities for modern businesses. Now, you can manage quotes, orders, billing, and revenue recognition for the entire customer lifecycle on a single platform. Learn how Zuora helps businesses succeed in industries like SaaS, Media, IoT, High Tech, and more.

Partner differentiators

Zuora powers the Subscription Economy®, the new business landscape in which traditional companies are moving toward subscription-based business models. Preferences are shifting away from owning things, and toward the desire to simply access, or subscribe, to the service itself. As this shift from ownership to usership progresses, Zuora serves as a leading trusted expert for subscription businesses, guiding subscription companies to sustain growth and greater net retention with its:

  • Industry-leading technology platform and solutions
  • Expertise and unique subscription data insights
  • Ecosystem of global partners and alliances

Integration overview

Support your revenue growth and reduce customer attrition

Cybersource removes the friction from payments for your customer and within your business by delivering the most relevant payment features to consumers and merchants in the Subscription Economy®. Whether you’re taking installments, Pay-As-You-Go, or fixed amount and frequency payments, options such as the support and management of direct debits, a growing range of alternative payments, and Europe and North America-wide account updater services support your revenue growth and reduce customer attrition. The Cybersource platform takes the pain out of payments so you can launch in new markets, seek out new income opportunities, and test and iterate new revenue models with ease.