Drive customer experience in the age of PSD2 SCA

Successful, forward-looking brands are redefining and reimagining the digital consumer experience. It's critical to support PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements while keeping the customer experience seamless and minimising the chance of cart abandonment.

We can help you provide the convenient, secure and frictionless eCommerce payment experiences customers expect. 

Here are 3 steps you can take to reduce SCA friction.

Learn from our experts

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Check out our guide to learn how you can make a smoother transition to SCA—delivering an optimal experience for customers when authentication is required, and minimising the need for SCA challenges.

Improve SCA declines and optimise exemptions

Our Cybersource experts share:

  • Techniques to help improve handling of SCA declines, flagging out-of-scope transactions, and more
  • Insight into why upgrading to 3DS (the latest version of 3-D Secure) is critical to streamlining SCA for both customers and merchants
  • Options and solutions for optimising your SCA exemption strategies

How to support SCA and create great experiences

Minimise SCA friction

Minimise SCA friction with support for 3-D Secure (3DS), the latest 3DS authentication technology designed to deliver frictionless payment authentication across a range of devices. 

Minimise SCA challenges

Minimise SCA challenges by recognising and flagging out of scope transactions, and optimising the application of exemptions to reduce the need for SCA challenges.

Deliver the best authentication experience possible

Cybersource offers the latest authentication technology that provides a complete integration into the shopping experience and works seamlessly across multiple devices. Dynamic features such as one-time passwords (OTP), biometric identification, and out-of-band authentication are fully supported. All of these features help you create an authentication process that adds trust and security to remote digital experiences and delivers the best authentication experience possible.

How to manage SCA exemptions

You don’t have to apply SCA to every transaction, because some transactions are out of scope and others qualify for exemptions. Only applying SCA when you need to will reduce payment friction and lead to better payment experiences. 

Cybersource can help you to recognise and flag transactions that are out of scope for SCA—and accurately identify those that qualify for an SCA exemption.

Build rules

Build rules for transactions that are out of scope for SCA and those that qualify for an SCA exemption.

Request exemptions

Request exemptions for orders that qualify.

Bypass authentication

Bypass authentication and move straight to authorisation when exemptions are approved.

Use business rules

Use business rules to invoke or bypass authentication in ways that comply with PSD2 regulations.

Decision Manager

Find out how Cybersource Decision Manager can help support exemptions.