The latest payment tokens: Good for your customers, good for you

Recent advances in token technology mean an even safer shopping experience for merchants and customers. They also unlock huge opportunities in eCommerce, by unifying channels and making the payments process seamless.

How can you make the most of these developments to future-proof your business?

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What you’ll learn:

  • What network tokens are
  • How they cut fraud without increasing friction in the payments process
  • Their crucial role in improving lifecycle management
  • Why they’re a win-win for both customers and merchants


Who should read it: 

  • Anyone in eCommerce organisations
  • Anyone accepting payments—on and offline
  • Heads of Fraud, Payments, Risk and Compliance
  • CIOs, CTOs, CFOs

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Tokenisation is the linchpin… enabling exceptional digital experiences that address rising consumer expectations for unified commerce.

-Andre Machicao, Senior Vice President, Head of Product, Cybersource, a Visa solution

How network tokens can work for you

Build a 360-degree view of your customers’ buying behaviour across channels
Reduce fraud by an estimated 28% while boosting authorisation rates1
Improve customer experience by reducing false declines and speeding up check-outs

Discover our Token Management Service

Our Token Management Service takes tokenisation to the next level. 

It connects payments information, customer data and other network tokens into one unified ‘super token’.

This provides merchants with an overview of their customers’ buying behaviour across channels and card types—while customers enjoy a more seamless and secure shopping experience.

  • Top-tier Visa security to keep customer payment data encrypted
  • Meets the strictest regulatory standards for encryption and security, reducing PCI DSS scope and costs
  • Improve loyalty by delivering better a payment experience, including customer reward programmes

1 VisaNet, Jan-Mar 2022. Visa credit and debit global card-not-present transactions for tokenised vs. non-tokenised credentials. Auth rate defined as approved count of unique transaction authorisations divided by total unique authorisation attempts, based on first auth attempt only. (PAN & Token) with digital wallet TRs April-June 2018, Issuer region: US.

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