Rue du Commerce

How is Rue du Commerce optimising its customer experience and reducing fraud using Cybersource?

Rue du Commerce in numbers


Established in France


Incorporated into the Carrefour Group


10 million products / + 1,300 retailers


10 million visits a month for more than 3 million products shipped each year


To combat fraud, Rue du Commerce relied on a tool developed in-house based on unpaid bills and orders deemed to be at risk. With the growth in activity, the tool rapidly proved inadequate. The Rue du Commerce teams started looking for a powerful, effective solution that was easy to configure. Their choice turned to the Decision Manager solution from Cybersource. Since it has been fully operational, the solution has not failed, nor has there been any interruption in service.

Manual reviews reduced to 10%

Risky orders are passed to the team of internal analysts who grade them and make the final decision. When released, only a tiny fraction of these orders will be rejected.

Order confirmation process

The Cybersource solution is key in the order confirmation process, as Julien Lepeut explains:

Without confirmation of the Cybersource solution, the order cannot be released and this is the last link in the IT management of the order chain, therefore it is just as important as our payment platform.

- Julien Lepeut,  Head of Security, Fraud Prevention, Rue du Commerce

Artificial intelligence that is based on the analysis of more than 68 billion transactions a year

Decision Manager brings the optimum combination of technology and people to Rue du Commerce while adding the opportunity of incorporating the knowledge that the Rue du Commerce teams have about their customers and their businesses. It is this combination of skills that makes it possible for them to combat fraud so effectively. “The tool enables us to model the fraud rules as we wish in addition to relying on Cybersource’s scoring and intelligence,” Julien Lepeut points out.

Among the other acclaimed advantages is the monitoring method. Rue du Commerce teams can test a new rule live in order to assess its relevance, without risking impacting orders in progress. It is also possible to update the rules in real time if necessary.

In addition to the solution’s performance, Julien Lepeut also appreciates the support provided by Cybersource with a dedicated expert who analyses and offers optimisations according to changes in fraudster behaviour.

Fraud strategy

Julien Lepeut wants to carry on continually improving his strategy for combating fraud in the future:

I have a very low fraud rate and a fairly low review rate, which allows us to focus on related topics such as increasing the conversion rate and management of peaks in activity, particularly during the Black Friday period.

- Julien Lepeut,  Head of Security, Fraud Prevention, Rue du Commerce