What is Apple Pay?

Consumers love the simplicity of Apple Pay, which helps them make payments easily and securely. Merchants can see higher payment conversion and authorisation rates associated with network token transactions.

Why Apple Pay?

Global user base

Apple Pay is one of the leading mobile payment methods with millions of global Apple users.

Widespread acceptance

Apple Pay is accepted on millions of websites and apps and by many merchants around the world.

Seamless and secure

Apple Pay provides a seamless and simple checkout experience in-store, in-app, and on the web. It is secure with FaceID or TouchID authentication.

How does Apple Pay work?

1. At online checkout, the consumer chooses Apple Pay as the preferred payment method.

2. A browser popup will be shown and contain the payment details.

3. The consumer authenticates payment.

4. The merchant and consumer are notified of the successful transaction.

More about Apple Pay

Consumer Global
Merchant Global
Network token-based transactions
All browsers available
All devices available
Yes Recurring payments
Yes One-click payments
Yes Refunds
Yes Partial refunds
Yes Multiple partial refunds
Yes Payment assurance
Yes Chargeback risk

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