BankCard USA Merchant Services

Learn how BankCard USA expanded its reach.

Key takeaways

Long term partner

BankCard USA Merchant Services has been an reseller partner since 1998.

More advancements

The addition of Cybersource allows BankCard USA to deliver more advanced services to a broader range of clients.

The Visa family

Joining the Visa family has connected BankCard USA to Visa’s brand, reputation and large ecosystem of partners and capabilities.

White glove solutions

This vibrant, evolving 20+ year partnership has enabled BankCard USA to deliver personalized, white glove solutions and experiences to more than 100,000 merchants over that time span.

About BankCard USA Merchant Services

BankCard USA Merchant Services is a boutique provider of end-to-end electronic payment solutions.

Offering honest advice, straightforward professionalism and personalized service to every client. BankCard USA Merchant Services is dedicated to delivering innovative, carefully tailored solutions that perfectly match the unique needs of every merchant.

Building a legacy of service and growth

When BankCard USA Merchant Services became one of’s very first resellers back in 1998, was shaking up the Internet with its new online bookstore. Paypal had just launched the world’s first mainstream online payment platform. And Netflix was still a fledgling startup trying to prove it could make money renting DVDs online.

So how have BankCard USA,, and (later) Cybersource and Visa managed to thrive and grow together through a 21-year stretch that has completely transformed how people shop and pay for virtually everything they buy? According to BankCard USA Vice President Scott Hardy, it mostly comes down to a deep, unwavering commitment to meeting the specialized needs of the merchants they serve—no matter how much things change.

Offering innovative “white glove” payment solutions

“From the very beginning, our core philosophy has been, ‘If you take care of the merchant, the rest takes care of itself,’” Scott explained. “—and then later Cybersource and Visa—have always understood and embraced our personalized, ‘white glove’ approach, and they have always delivered the products, people and ecosystem to back it up.”

This “whatever it takes” philosophy served BankCard USA well as they navigated a rapidly shifting payment landscape, including significant changes to their partnership with But from Scott’s perspective, these changes have all led directly to new opportunities. “For years, we focused on providing new, mostly smaller businesses with fairly basic payment solutions,” he explained. “We specialized in building a strong relationship with every merchant. We always took the time to understand the nuances of their industry and business. Then, we worked closely with partners like to provide the best possible payment solution. It’s a productive, successful business model that has delivered results for a long time.”

If you take care of the merchant, the rest takes care of itself.

Scott Hardy, Vice President, BankCard USA Merchant Services

New opportunities for BankCard USA

When and Cybersource joined forces in 2007, new doors suddenly opened for BankCard USA. “Adding Cybersource to the mix made it possible for us to expand our reach into larger businesses with more advanced payment needs,” Scott explained. “For example, Cybersource offers a multi-currency option that allows us to reach out to companies that sell their products internationally, which is something we couldn’t do before. Our approach hasn’t changed. But now, we can offer our “white glove” solutions and services to a wider, more diverse range of companies.”

Tapping into the Visa network

Making Cybersource and part of the Visa family in 2010 opened up another set of intriguing possibilities for BankCard USA—by connecting them more closely to Visa’s brand, reputation and ecosystem of partners and capabilities. According to Scott, “There is an inherent credibility that comes from working with Visa. Potential clients want to work with winners. And when I tell our prospects about our relationship with Cybersource and Visa—and what it means for them—they know it’s real.”

This connection has expanded BankCard USA merchant services reach in other ways. “We’ve been able to establish relationships with new services and organizations that are part of the Visa ecosystem, including other resellers, integration specialists and add-on technology partners,” Scott explained. “It’s a huge network of specialists and solutions that we can now draw on, which expands our story even more and gives us all kinds of new options for taking better care of our clients.”

Visa provides a huge network of new specialists and solutions that we can now draw on, which expands our story even more.

Scott Hardy, Vice President, BankCard USA Merchant Services

Ready for anything

As BankCard USA Merchant Services looks to the future, they recognize that the breakneck pace of change will continue. “It’s an ongoing journey, and the bus just keeps picking up speed,” Scott said. “The payment landscape looks a lot different today than it did a year ago. And it will probably change even more in the next year. But with, Cybersource and Visa in our corner, we’re confident that those changes will present opportunities to reach an even broader range of businesses with an expanded portfolio of solutions. For two decades, our partnership has grown richer and more productive. We expect that to continue, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

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