Helping a merchant services provider grow through the power of partnership

Bankcard USA has been a leading provider of merchant services to small startup businesses since the mid-90s, and Cybersource has been supporting them with payments technology from the start. Recently we’ve worked together to broaden their offering, enabling them to successfully step up to servicing medium and enterprise-level clients.

The challenge: supporting enterprise clients with greater complexities

With approximately 7,000 merchants on their books and a combined annual transaction volume of $3.8 billion, Bankcard USA has been a highly successful reseller of and Cybersource payment technology for more than 20 years. During that time, we’ve developed a deep partnership based on trust, collaborative working, and our shared belief in doing right by the merchant.

In 2016, Bankcard USA made the strategic decision to focus on industries and verticals that required the ability to support enterprise-level merchants and larger SMBs. With size comes greater payment complexity, including the need for intelligent fraud tools, tokenization, and a global payment network.

Bankcard USA needed a partner to help them expand their offering and accompany them on this exciting next step in their journey.

Fitting a merchant into an gateway I’ve always been very comfortable with. The integrations with all the different shopping carts, the functionality, the ease of use are all there.

- Scott Hardy, VP eCommerce, Bankcard USA

What we did: adding new technology to Bankcard USA's portfolio

When you’re venturing somewhere new, it helps to speak to someone with a map. With years of experience supporting enterprise-level merchants, we helped Bankcard USA put together the required suite of products. This included: 

Smart fraud protection tools

We integrated Decision Manager into their portfolio. Decision Manager learns from more than 1 billion Visa transactions a year. It enables businesses to cut fraud and let genuine customers through without increasing friction in the payment process.


Bankcard USA now offers our Token Management Service, providing their clients with the security of tokenization plus the unique payment experience opportunities that come from our proprietary super token.

Recurring Billing

With added-value services like Recurring Billing, Bankcard USA can now enable large businesses to manage recurring revenue smarter and more efficiently.

Cybersource has all the fraud features, all the tokenization features, and all those other features these enterprise-level merchants require. With our relationship going back to 1997, as we started to engage with larger merchants dealing with millions of dollars a month, working with Cybersource just felt like the natural step.

- Scott Hardy, VP eCommerce, Bankcard USA

Partner Marketing Portal

Bankcard USA leverages Cybersource’s Partner Marketing Portal to enable their sales teams with training and client-facing content. They are also able to utilize thought leadership and campaign materials in outbound campaigns.

A fast response team

Bankcard USA’s clientele expect a fast and responsive service, so we needed to provide the same service to Bankcard USA. That included the little things, like making sure technical questions were always answered the same day, usually in the same hour—and sometimes within 10 minutes.

A closer relationship with Visa

With our track record and links with Visa, one of the benefits for merchant service providers working with Cybersource is the confidence it inspires with their clients. As part of our work with Bankcard USA, we facilitated a closer relationship with Visa, including connecting them with the Head of Business Development for Acquiring Solutions to discuss direct connectivity with Visa.

For merchants running a business, time is of the essence, which makes time of the essence for me. When I get an email back in the same day, maybe the same hour, maybe the same 10 minutes, there’s so much value in that. There was always a response, and always a respect to get back to me and let me move on with my business.

- Scott Hardy, VP eCommerce, Bankcard USA

The difference our work made

Bankcard USA is now engaging with higher-level, enterprise-level merchants.

- Scott Hardy, VP eCommerce, Bankcard USA

Higher transaction volumes

Bankcard USA increased their transaction volume 20% between 2020 and 2022.

Simply put, being a Cybersource partner is incredible. Businesses use the word partner often without really delivering on their promise. Cybersource has truly been a partner to us. From answering basic questions to putting teams together to solve some of our most complicated merchant needs. Never once has a problem been too big or too small for the Cybersource team to solve.

- Scott Hardy, VP eCommerce, Bankcard USA

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