TireBuyer.com launched in 2009 as the direct-to-consumer brand of tire wholesaler American Tire Distributors (ATD) and now operates as a separate company.

Since 2021, Cybersource has worked to provide TireBuyer with a complete fraud management solution that can keep pace with their fast-growing online business.

The challenge: relieving the burden of unmanageable manual reviews

In 2021, Tirescanner.com merged with Tirebuyer, completing ATD’s multi-year strategy to spin off its online retail business as an independent subsidiary.

TireBuyer had been receiving accounting support from ATD, but given the significant difference in transaction volumes between the wholesale and consumer businesses, the number of fraud flags proved unmanageable.

More than 80% of ATD’s internal fraud resources were tied up in TireBuyer. With sales projected to grow significantly in 2022, TireBuyer needed a collaborator that could take the lead on fraud management and provide a scalable solution in the long term.

We didn’t have any experience in fraud management. Zero. Which I was really nervous about. Having a Cybersource team with that experience was definitely something we needed.

- Chris Fieber, CFO, TireBuyer.com

What we did: automated reviews, fraud expertise

Cybersource has worked with TireBuyer since 2021 to build a comprehensive fraud management and monitoring solution that helps prevent fraudulent transactions, minimizes review bottlenecks, and continues to deliver as transaction volumes grow.

Reducing the burden of fraud detection

Our intelligent machine-learning fraud detection solution, Decision Manager, is designed to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions while allowing genuine orders to be processed and fulfilled without delay.

TireBuyer set an initial target of halving its manual review load, which made up 13% of transactions. That target was exceeded within a few months of our involvement, and the review load continues to decline despite an increasing number of transactions. In August 2022, for instance, only 4% of transactions were flagged for manual review

Continual learning and evolution

Our relationship with TireBuyer is an open dialogue: we provide risk and fraud management expertise while incorporating valuable insights from TireBuyer about their customers and the subtleties of their business.

We update TireBuyer regularly on the performance of our solutions and constantly fine-tune our systems and workflow to ensure manual reviews are done only when necessary—and that they get done quickly.

This helps us achieve consistent and exceptional results as we scale to meet the demands of TireBuyer’s growing business.

The difference our work is making

Decision Manager is already exceeding TireBuyer’s expectations at a time when transaction volumes are steadily increasing.

While we provide a complete fraud management solution, TireBuyer can focus on its strategic vision and opportunities for growth as a newly formed, independent subsidiary such as accepting digital payment methods and launching new products and services.

Improving the customer experience

By recognizing legitimate transactions and helping minimize manual checks, genuine TireBuyer customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience. And by enabling sales that might have previously been mistakenly flagged as fraudulent, we’re helping improve TireBuyer’s bottom line, too.

A scalable solution

Our team works collectively with TireBuyer, combining our expertise to continually optimize their fraud management process. Not just for today, but also to ensure the strategy can scale alongside their fast-growing business in the future.

Cybersource has become an extension of our team, and that’s exactly what we were looking for.

- Chris Fieber, CFO, TireBuyer.com

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