eCommerce fraud management trends

Learn how to understand and manage online payment fraud with this eBook, eCommerce Fraud Explained.

Did you know?

Did you know that in-person, card-present fraud in the U.S. is down by 82 percent,1 while online, card-not-present fraud in the U.S. is up by 33 percent?2 As eCommerce continues to grow and evolve, so does eCommerce fraud.

Safeguard against rapidly shifting fraudster strategies

It’s more important than ever to adopt a modern fraud management system. Online payments are part of multi-faceted processes that should work together to provide a frictionless customer experience while screening for fraudulent transactions.

Learn why eCommerce fraud is so prevalent

In this eBook, you’ll learn why eCommerce fraud is so prevalent, the nine types of eCommerce fraud, and fraud management trends to help you stay ahead of evolving fraud attacks.

The evolving fraud landscape

From account takeovers to card testing, fraud takes many shapes and forms, resulting in unauthorized or fraudulent transactions, stolen merchandise, or wrongful requests for refunds.

Balancing goals

But for many businesses, the top fraud management challenges extend beyond stopping fraudsters. They need to balance the goals of maximizing revenue, minimizing fraud loss, and minimizing operational costs. At the same time, they want to create new, cross-channel experiences and ensure they maintain compliance with emerging regulations. An optimal mix of fraud management solutions and services is key.

Understanding the challenges of payments fraud could help you better plan your business’s fraud management strategy and provide insights to help mitigate the risk of financial losses and damaged reputations.

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Decision Manager

Your customers expect a smooth, safe payment experience every time they buy something. But you’re responsible for keeping your business secure from growing fraud threats.

Fraud Management Essentials

Our Fraud Management Essentials solution helps small and medium sized businesses minimize costly fraud attacks. With ready-to-go fraud filters, you can automatically monitor every order, while still providing a seamless customer experience. Start protecting your revenue.

Account Takeover Protection

Ensure account takeovers don’t undermine your relationship with customers. Our solution identifies suspicious account activity, so you can keep fraudsters at bay and good customers coming back.

Managed Risk Services

Managing payment risk can be a complex balancing act for e-commerce business. But you don’t have to do it alone. Managed Risk Services from Cybersource expands and enhances your in-house fraud capabilities.

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