Here’s a look at how 3-D Secure works

Fraud threats are growing—your payment security should grow too

As more consumers purchase goods and services online, eCommerce sales have grown rapidly. But the threat of fraud is growing, too—three out of four businesses report experiencing more fraud since the pandemic began.1

How can you make sure you’re catching fraud without declining transactions from legitimate customers, which can significantly affect your profit? 3-D Secure technology verifies a customer’s identity before authorization, so you can capture more revenue while avoiding the costly downsides.

What are the benefits of protecting your online business with 3-D Secure?

Add payment security without adding payment complexity

High chargeback and transaction decline rates can cost you money, frustrate your customers, and put your business at risk. 3-D Secure authentication can help catch and stop risky transactions before they turn into fraud, which can mean fewer chargebacks, higher authorization rates, and safer transactions.

Our solution can help catch risky transactions sooner

Cybersource’s Payer Authentication uses 3-D Secure’s powerful technology to authenticate customers’ identities before their payments are authorized. This lets you manage customers’ payment experiences by adding another layer of security without adding friction. It’s also easy to integrate and optimized for all channels and devices.

Payer Authentication helps your business

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  • Make sure customers are legitimate before you send transactions through for authorization.
  • Reduce chargebacks by catching and stopping problematic transactions before they reach authorization.
  • Add an extra layer of security without adding unnecessary complexity to customers’ payment experiences.

Help make sure your business is protected

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