Reduce failed payments automatically

Automatically updating changes made to participating Visa, Mastercard1 and American Express2 payment cards can help you improve the customer experience and retain revenue.


  • Reduce customer friction with interrupted services or subscriptions
  • Reduce costs associated with contacting cardholders to obtain updated information
  • Increase initial authorization approvals
  • Decrease lag time between receiving update and changing billing files
  • Reduce multistep offline process to update account information

Minimize failure and improve retention

9-14% of monthly recurring credit card authorizations fail3

When outdated credit cards are declined, your customers have to update their payment information. That small, temporary setback could be just enough to cause a shopper to abandon their cart or go to another merchant.

Verify payment data behind the scenes

Account Updater helps avoid outdated credit cards by working behind the scenes to verify payment data and cross-referencing it with the information Visa, Mastercard1 and American Express2 have on file.  This process helps improve the payment experience, which can increase customer satisfaction and boost loyalty.

Flexible workflow options

Choose the model that fits your environment and helps you maximize the number of successful payment transactions. We have options available, Auto-Updater or Update Tool.

Cybersource Auto-Updater

If you’re using Cybersource payment processing services, you can set up automated checks to review and update your saved accounts.

Cybersource Update Tool

You can also manually upload accounts stored on your network that are at risk of having failed payments (like soon-to-expire cards) to make updates. 

Improve card-on-file management without adding complexity to your payment system

Account Updater integrates seamlessly with Cybersource payment processing platforms and other value-added Cybersource services such as tokenization.

1 The card issuer must be enrolled in the Visa Account Updater program, Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater or American Express Refresher.
2 Support for American Express is only available for merchants using our Token Management Service.
3 Cutting Failed Payments and Reducing Churn

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