What is a payment gateway and how does it work?

Cybersource Global Payment Gateway is the solution that enables you to take credit and debit card payments online around the world. It processes each transaction securely from start to finish, and all in just a few seconds.

Here’s how it works:

A customer clicks "buy" on your website.

They go to a payments page (which can be a page hosted on your site) to add their payment details.

The Cybersource Global Payment Gateway sends the payment details to their issuing bank for authorization via the relevant acquirer and card scheme.

Once authorized, our Payment Gateway sends the approved transaction back to you.

You can confirm to your customer the payment has been successful.

The payment transaction has been securely processed, all in just a few seconds

Your gateway to global eCommerce

Accepting payments across the world is an enormous opportunity. Cybersource Global Payment Gateway allows your business to scale fast, and with confidence through a single integration to markets worldwide.

Our Global Payment Gateway helps you tap into that opportunity in a way that’s fast and secure. Enabling you to do business anywhere in the world with confidence through a single integration: 

Take payments worldwide

Support sellers with international growth

Speed up time to market and scale on demand

Offer payment methods buyers prefer globally

Offer a full mix of payment methods in different markets

Sell, buy, pay and be paid your way

Cybersource Payment Gateway: Helping you check the important boxes


Access 200+ acquirers and processors in over 160 countries and territories, and accept payments in over 50 currencies.


Cybersource Global Payment Gateway is built on Visa’s world-leading infrastructure. With 99.999% uptime it reduces risk to your brand reputation or bottom line.


The Visa network has capacity to deal with 8,000 transactions per second.


With our platform you can connect to existing partners of choice and add or remove payment options and acquirers at any point.

One payments solution

Cybersource Payment Gateway is part of a full stack of payment services available with a single integration.




billion in global processing volume / year1


billion transactions processed / year


transactions per second on average


transactions per second on peak day


transactions per second total capacity


Strawhecker Top Performing Gateway Award2

Create a checkout experience your customers will love

1 Data is measured and validated from internal instance of Tableau Server based on payment volume from the Cybersource and Authorize.net Product Fact data source. Provided by payment processing product team. Data is measured and validated from internal instance of Tableau Server based on billable transactions from the Cybersource and Authorize.net Transaction Fact data sources.
2 prweb.com

Cybersource is a Registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA.

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