What is Click to Pay?

Click to Pay is a network supported digital payment option provided by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. It simplifies the online checkout process, allowing consumers easy access to their stored payment methods. Click to Pay is fast, secure, and convenient way to check out without entering credit number for in-app or online purchases.

Why Click to Pay?

Seamless checkout experience

Click to pay provides simple and smooth checkout experiences that allow customers to bypass entering payment details.

Secure and safe

Click to pay is secure and encrypts all payment information.

Powered by major payment networks

Click to pay checkout is supported by the major payment networks. Customers can use the same benefits and rewards provided by their card issuer.

Benefits for you

  • Faster checkouts and fewer abandoned carts
  • Higher authorization rates and lower fraud risk
  • Store customer data securely thanks to tokenization
  • Easily integrated into existing checkout flows
  • Display stored cards as easy-to-read buttons
  • Frees up time to focus on customer signup
  • Works seamlessly with your existing 3DS solution 
  • All possible with a single integration 

Benefits for your customers

  • One-click checkout, even as a guest
  • Works across all devices and browsers
  • No need to enter account numbers or passwords
  • Peace of mind that card data is secure
  • Keeps cards on file and payment card details up to date
  • Easy to sign up for Click to Pay from banking apps or your site

How does Click to Pay work?

One of the best things about Click to Pay is how easy it is for customers to register. They can quickly enable Click to Pay for their cards on their banking apps or the first time they visit your website. From then on, every payment they make on your site is simple. 

1. At online checkout, the consumer chooses Click to Pay as the preferred payment method.

2. Consumers add the card that they want to pay.

3. Consumers verify the information and select the card to pay.

4. The merchant and consumer are notified of the successful transaction.

More about Click to Pay

Consumer Global
Merchant Global
Network token-based transactions
All browsers available
All devices available
No Recurring payments
Yes One-click payments
Yes Refunds
Yes Partial refunds
Yes Multiple partial refunds
Yes Payment assurance
Yes Chargeback risk

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