Optimize and orchestrate payments with BIN Lookup Service

Enhance payment orchestration

Use card brand, country, issuer, currency type, and other BIN data to enhance and streamline your customers' checkout experiences.

Address PCI compliance

Transition smoothly to support expanded BIN ranges—without adding to your PCI scope.

Address regulatory concerns

Comply with regulations and restrictions on what card types (debit, credit, or prepaid) may be used for specific payment activities.

Improve transaction approval rates

Use issuer and other card attributes to make accurate, real-time routing decisions.

Make BINs work smarter

BIN Lookup Service is a card brand agnostic solution that helps you make business-critical decisions on routing, regulatory compliance, and payment acceptance to enhance the customer experience.

  • Supports industry-mandated 8-digit BINS and traditional 6-digit BINs
  • Delivers high capacity, scalability, and performance to support your growth
  • Taps into multiple sources of card network, regional network, and third-party BIN information for more complete, accurate results
  • Supports BIN lookups for primary account numbers (PANs), network tokens, and Token Management Service tokens
  • Standalone, card brand agnostic service that may be used with the payment gateway of your choice
  • Identifies card products that support (or don't support) recurring payments to improve subscription services and customer retention

Single connection to provide a single source of truth for traditional and expanded Bank Information Numbers (BINs)

BIN Lookup Service manages and maintains all participating network sourced BIN files, so you don’t need to manage, source, or maintain traditional BIN files.

As BINs expand from six digits to eight digits and beyond, you need a way to accurately recognize different lengths and types of BINs, access BIN data from different sources, and create a single, trusted source of truth for BIN information.

Use cases

Learn more about BIN Lookup Service

The time has arrived. Are you ready for eight-digit BINs?

In 2017, the International Organization for Standardization announced that Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) would change from six to eight digits—effective April 2022. The time has arrived. Are you ready?

Developer guide

View a feature-level guide with prerequisite and use-case information for implementing our API.

API reference

View sample code and API field descriptions. Send requests to the sandbox and see the responses.

Make BIN Lookup Service part of your overall payment solution

Learn how adding Cybersource BIN Lookup Service may help you comply with 8-digit BIN mandates, make your payment processes more efficient, and deliver better payment experiences.