Manage business processes

Region: Global

Vertical: Business operations

SAP, a Cybersource partner, is one of the world’s leading providers of software for the management of business processes, developing solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow across organizations.

Partner differentiators

Cybersource is the only payment provider to be integrated into three SAP offerings—Digital Payments Add-on, Commerce Cloud and Upscale Commerce.


Integration overview

With the integration to SAP Commerce Cloud, businesses can use Cybersource services

SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud is a powerful eCommerce solution. It brings together marketing, sales, service and billing. The Cybersource payment system runs on the SAP Commerce Cloud platform. This joint solution is built by developers, for developers. It gives you a modular architecture that’s easy to extend so you can decrease development time and costs. And it’s flexible enough to build solutions that are just right for your industry and marketplaces.

SAP Upscale Commerce

SAP Upscale Commerce is a next-generation B2C commerce platform designed for retail and direct-to-customer businesses. The SAP Upscale platform helps businesses quickly go to market with a storefront that is optimized for mobile commerce and can be implemented with ease, thanks to code-free deployment. The SAP Upscale integration into Cybersource helps you accept payments from customers securely, wherever in the world they happen to be shopping.

SAP Digital Payments Add-On (DPA)

SAP Digital Payments Add-On (DPA) is a stand-alone cloud-based integration that enables payments processing within any SAP platform. Through SAP DPA, you can connect between applications and Cybersource, from the word “go.” So you can easily offer your customers the flexibility to pay the way they choose as soon as you’re up and running. DPA makes payments complexity a thing of the past, connecting to Cybersource with no implementation efforts. This means it’s never been easier to accept payment from customers anywhere in the world.

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