Omnichannel retail and inventory software solutions

Region: North America

Vertical: eCommerce

Manhattan Associates creates supply chain, omnichannel retail and inventory software solutions that help the world’s best companies run better. In the warehouse, on the road, online and in the store, our solutions increase efficiency, maximize profitability, boost revenue and power growth.

Manhattan Associates is a global leader in supply chain, omnichannel and inventory solutions with our flagship suite of Manhattan Active® solutions.

Order management

  • Curbside Pickup
  • Enterprise Promotions
  • Interactive Inventory
  • Available to Commerce
  • Adaptive Network Fulfillment
  • Contact Center

Customer engagement

  • Digital Self Service

Point of sale

  • Clienteling
  • Resilient Cloud

Store inventory and fulfillment

  • Visually guided store fulfillment management
  • Optimized store fulfillment with retail radio-frequency identification (RFID)

Partner differentiators

Manhattan Active® Omni is a first-of-its-kind, unified commerce application designed and built to profitably deliver on the omnichannel customer experience promise. Born in the cloud, Manhattan Active® Omni is a suite of order management, inventory, fulfillment, customer engagement and point of sale solutions that is always current and fully extensible.

Because all Manhattan Active® Omni solutions are cloud native, you get the newest features as soon as they are available—with automated scaling for peak demands—allowing you to continue innovating while your competitors are locking down their systems for the holiday season.

Integration overview

Seamless integration

Manhattan Associates’ partnership with Cybersource ensures that customers pay securely whether it’s by credit card, eCheck (ACH), or digital wallets, such as Apple Pay for both card present and not present scenarios by performing tasks such as pre-auth, authorization, re-auth, void auth, settlement and refund. 

During order capture and edits via solutions like Point of Sale, Contact Center or Digital Self-Service, Manhattan Active® Omni integrated with Cybersource gets to work on verifying a customer’s delivery address during sales for both Point of Sale CP transactions as well as the Contact Center CNP transactions and produces a valid address, as well as an estimate of the risk associated with that address. This reduces shipping and customer service costs caused by address errors.

Manhattan Associates' Digital Self-Service solution together with Cybersource allows end customers to pay using a secured link sent via email or text. Last, businesses will also have the added benefit of using Cybersource's award-winning fraud prevention system, Decision Manager, to help automate fraud detection and further reduce cost/loss.