Connect brand experiences across all channels

Region: Global

Vertical: Solution partner

BORN is a Tech Mahindra company. The group operates in 90 countries employing 131,000 staff speaking 18 languages. The company produces unique brand experiences by connecting ten key aspects that serve as the foundation of the digital economy: creative design, content production, commerce enablement, conversions (visitors to customers), cloud technology, cognition (analytics), cohesion (integrating systems), and consulting and connecting brand experiences across all channels.

Partner differentiators

Stella (data layer), brand strategy, behavioral data (across channels) and technology work together harmoniously to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Brand experience is tackled through BORN’s core offerings, which include:

  • Creative design
  • Content production
  • Integration
  • Data science

The behavioral experience layer, Stella, addresses how people engage and transact on channels such as web, mobile, social, voice, stores, events, print, broadcast, radio, displays, gaming, packaging, mail, and IoT appliances. Stella’s data layer provides for the integration and interaction of the first two layers with an enterprise’s underlying books of record (OSS, BSS, back-end systems, CRM, OMS, SCM, HR, ERP and other systems).

In summary, a tailored customer experience is the combination of multichannel brand engagement and behavioral data grounded in accurate books of record, connecting front and back-office operations to produce immersive, thoughtful, and distinct experiences. Stella connects the dots between these various domains and can help unleash your brand’s potential.

Integration overview

Wide offerings

BORN cuts deep and wide with offerings from its parent and sister companies ranging from Customer Experience (Cx), Service Design Experience (Sx), Physical Experience (Px), Operational Experience (Ox), and Data Science Experience (Dx).