Connect and collect with Pay By Text

Region: North America

Vertical: Travel & hospitality

Everyware is the most straightforward Pay by Text platform. It’s easy to get started, scalable across all platforms, and works alongside your existing system with easy integration.

Partner differentiators

Everyware provides two-way text messaging, pay by text and tokenization to support consumer interactions in the following industries: Travel/Hospitality, Healthcare, Nonprofits, Automotive, Utilities, Billing, Call Centers, and more.

In the travel and hospitality industry, you can boost revenue and improve relationships with two-way text messaging. Today's consumers want mobile, personalized, responsive communication with a convenient way to pay for travel and hotels. With Everyware, you can connect with travelers and collect their payments by sending secure click-to-purchase links.

Integration overview

Everyware’s integration hub

Here you'll find guides to help you integrate Everyware payments and two-way messaging functionality and data with Cybersource as quickly as possible with your API key.