SoftPoint connects the fintech ecosystem

Region: North America +

Vertical: Travel & hospitality

SoftPoint has a proven track record of building solutions for enterprise customers that simply work for hospitality, Stadia, travel, and retail verticals.

Partner differentiators

SoftPoint is a fully integrated hospitality management system designed to centralize restaurant, retail, and hotel activities while offering products and services to other synergistic markets.

SoftPoint’s PayPlug technology helps to simplify payment orchestration for complex card-present needs, connecting payment partners to Point of Sale (POS) systems for modern order + payment.

Integration overview

SoftPoint-to-Cybersource integration

With our partnership with Cybersource, our card-present gateway and expertise complements Cybersource online payment expertise. The SoftPoint-to-Cybersource integration supports payment acceptance, payment security, 3D Secure, and digital payment methods.