An open and flexible payment platform built for the future

To expand your business on a global scale, offer your customers the local payment options they prefer, easy access to a worldwide network of payment connections, and trusted sources of regional expertise to help you navigate unique challenges in different markets.

You could try to manage all that complexity yourself. But Cybersource offers a smarter alternative—with one payment solution that provides the reach you need to deliver local experiences on a global scale. 

Offer the payment methods your customers prefer

Offer your customers the payment methods they prefer to pay with and create great customer experiences to help increase conversion. 

Do business anywhere in the world

We support international payment acceptance in more than 160+ countries and territories and in 50 currencies—all using a single connection.


Acquirers and processors


Countries and territories


Funding currencies1

Integration options to suit your business

We offer a range of integrations that make it easy for you to securely accept payments and create seamless payment experiences across multiple channels and devices.

Our integrations can help your business stay ahead of payment trends, meet consumer expectations, and deliver a frictionless checkout experience without compromising security.

Hosted integration

A complete hosted payment solution that consists of securely managed payment forms for capturing payment card data.

Microform integration

Protect every transaction by allowing payment card information fields to be replaced with a microform and embedded into the checkout page. 

Payment APIs

Payment processing for most payment methods on your eCommerce checkout site with 100% flexibility to customize the experience.

Mobile SDKs

Payment processing for most payment methods on your mobile sites with 100% flexibility to customize the experience.

Solutions to serve the widest range of in-person acceptance capabilities

Providing you with the infrastructure for in-person acceptance, both out-of-the-box terminals and a toolkit for global connectivity for your existing services & providers—all from a single platform.

Payment tokenization for secure, seamless payments

Start using tokens to build a 360-degree view of your customers, build extra trust and safety into every payment experience, and improve security while boosting revenue. 

Disburse funds to your customers

Cybersource Payouts provides a fast, convenient, and secure way to disburse funds to your customers, instead of issuing checks or initiating ACH bank transfers.

1 Data is based on calendar 2020 statistics, measured and validated from internal instance of Tableau Server based on Cybersource Sales & Marketing data of Cybersource customers by master account name and status as live and billed in the calendar year. Active customers are counted by distinct count of account IDs active in the last month of the calendar year.

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