Accept more genuine orders and help protect your customers – and business – from fraud

Businesses need to consider an end-to-end approach to fraud management. One that begins by reducing the threat of fraud when customers first create their accounts – and continues all the way through to the moment their transactions are approved.

Fraud Detection. Fraud Protection.

Account Takeover &
Loyalty Fraud

CyberSource fraud management solution can help defend you and your customers from fraudulent uses of online accounts, including your loyalty customer accounts.

  • Monitor for suspicious activity at account creation, login and account updates
  • Proactively monitor customer accounts from unauthorized use
  • Recognize genuine purchases and redemptions of points or miles

Decision Manager

CyberSource can help automate and streamline your fraud operations.

  • World’s Largest Fraud Detection Radar leveraging more than 68 billion worldwide transactions that Visa and CyberSource process annually
  • Relies on several machine learning methods to generate risk scores
  • Rules-based engine helps you automatically screen and sort orders—no IT coding required

Rules-Based Payer Authentication

Gain all of the benefits of standard 3-D Secure along with control over the user experience, including fraud liability shift and reduced interchange.

  • Choose when to authenticate consumers
  • Decrease fraud liability while gaining control over the user experience
  • Limit your chargeback liability and lower interchange on qualifying transactions


Managed Risk Services

Complement your in-house resources with our global team of fraud management experts.

  • Offer a range of service options, from consulting/monitoring to complete outsourcing
  • Work with you to identify new fraud trends before they impact your business
  • Located in five continents, including Latin America, Managed Risk Consultants have fraud management expertise across geographies/industries