What is Affirm?

Affirm offers customers a smarter way to pay with no hidden fees or surprises. By offering flexible payments, businesses can expand customer reach and increase average order value for impactful, sustainable results.

Why Affirm?

Flexible, tailored programmes

Capture more sales with Affirm’s pay-over-time technology and omnichannel solutions.

Premium customer network

Tap into Affirm’s premium network of over high-intent shoppers.

Proven retention model

Increase average order value, customer satisfaction and retention by offering shoppers flexible payment plans with terms proven to boost conversion.

How does Affirm work?

1. At checkout, the consumer selects Affirm as their payment method.

2. The consumer provides a few basic details to apply.

3. If approved, the consumer will see available payment options and choose their preferred plan to confirm the transaction.

4. The merchant and consumer are notified of the successful transaction.

More about Affirm

Consumer U.S.
Merchant U.S.
Consumer USD
Processing USD
Settlement USD
Minimum $50
Maximum $30,000
APR 0-36%
Term length 6 weeks to 60 months
Timeout N/A
Yes Recurring payments
Yes Refunds
Yes Partial refunds
Yes Multiple partial refunds
Yes Payment assurance
No Chargeback risk1
No One-click payments

1 Affirm assumes all consumer risk

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