Know me

Consumers appreciate it when you remember their details and preferences, whether they’re shopping in-store, online, in-app or over the phone. Showing that you recognise them is the baseline from which you can build further customer engagement and sales.

Cybersource can help equip you with ways to make sure you never fail to recognise previous customers. These solutions could help you know them better.

Account Updater automatically stores and keeps your customers’ digital payment information up-to-date on your system, so your customers won’t need to resubmit new card details every time they receive a new card.

Token Management Service keeps your customers’ digital credentials totally safe and secure by automatically turning sensitive payment data into unique irreversible tokens. Our unique token unifies customer data across all your channels, so you can provide an exceptional customer experience, whether they choose to shop.

59% of satisfied consumers like to set up a digital profile1

Value me

It always pays to think of ways to reward customer loyalty. Whether it’s coupons, discounts or promotions, there’s a range of options to make yours feel appreciated. Even exclusive information or suggestions based on their browsing history can really add value to the customer experience.

This Cybersource solution could help you show your customers that you value them.

Token Management Service gives you a 360 view of your customers across multiple channels and devices, so you can deliver exceptional customer experiences, while keeping them totally secure.

67% of consumers like to use coupons or vouchers when shopping digitally1

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Make it easy for me

Life is busier than ever, so it’s important to prioritise making the customer experience as easy as possible for your customers. Whether you decide to increase the number of buying channels, allow in-store pick-up or offer free shipping, there are a number of ways to take the friction out of the purchasing process. 

Convenience is king. That’s why Cybersource provides the following solutions to make things easier for your customers.

Click-to-Pay/Contactless check out solutions which gives customers a quick, secure and consistent way to pay with a single click or tap.

Digital and In-person payments make the process more seamless for your customers.

72% of customers like to have inventories updated digitally and in real time1

Protect me

It’s no surprise that security is a major concern for consumers. Customers prefer merchants who store card details securely and give them peace-of-mind with offerings such as guaranteed refunds for fraudulent charges.1

When it comes to fraud protection, there’s nothing Cybersource takes more seriously. These solutions could help you protect your customers.

Account Takeover Protection helps prevent suspicious transactions before they take place, by protecting customer accounts.

Decision Manager is our industry-leading fraud-management system. Powered by industry-leading AI and ML, it’s always learning and improving, and it does this by monitoring billions of transactions every year.

Token Management Service keeps stored sensitive payment data completely secure protecting your customers from fraud while giving them the freedom to shop however they like.

Payer Authentication (3-D Secure) boosts authorisation rates and customer satisfaction.

63% of satisfied consumers prefer merchants that refund fraudulent charges1

1 All data comes from the Global Digital Shopping Index and supporting research

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