Quick one-time payments for your business needs

From the Cybersource Business Center, where you manage all your transactions, the Virtual Terminal allows you to quickly accept payments—without requiring a card reader or other expensive hardware. The payment takes place through Cybersource without any hassle.

Ready-to-go solution

With the Virtual Terminal, you’re ready to start accepting one-time payments from card payments as well as eCheck payments. Including the flexibility to credit refunds right from your computer.

Built-in security

When you key in sensitive payment information, it’s securely stored in your account. If you need an additional layer of security, Cybersource offers encryption at the point of physical entry as well.

Customization at your fingertips

Easy, intuitive and tailored to your business workflow, with additional entry fields to help reduce processing fees, and you get custom receipts.

Contact center-ready

Support for call centers or customers who want to make a payment over the phone.

Included with your account

Virtual Terminal is part of the Cybersource Business Center, where you can track real-time payment activity and manage your team’s access. All in one place, with zero integration and available at no additional charge.

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