Remove checkout friction, get paid faster, and let customers pay how they want

In the last quarter of 2019, $97.8 billion in sales was put at risk due to checkout friction.1 And customers’ expectations are rising all the time. Digital Accept can help you meet these expectations with convenient eCommerce platform software plugins, Secure Integration Methods and Acceptance Applications, one-stop solutions for setting up and accepting payments online on all channels and devices with minimum friction and maximum security.

See the benefits

Easily accept payments in all your digital channels

Add payments to websites, mobile sites, and native apps, and accept payments from around the world through our global platform.

Create a frictionless checkout experience

Provide a fast, convenient, and seamless experience with local and global digital payment methods.

Accept payments online securely

Pass the handling of sensitive payment card data off to our robust technology infrastructure, advanced security capabilities, and payment expertise. Protect your customers' payment information and your brand while reducing your PCI DSS compliance scope.

Maximize your conversion

20% of global digital buyers have cancelled a purchase at checkout because they weren’t offered their preferred payment method.2 Letting customers pay their way can mean fewer abandoned baskets, higher conversion rates, and happier, more loyal customers.

Protect your business from fraud

Enable fraud screening with tools like Decision Manager or Payer Authentication which natively support industry standards, such as network tokenization, Secure Remote Commerce (SRC), and more.

Empowering growth through payments

Independent software vendors plug-ins 

Use an existing plug-in from your software partner or connect your commerce tools, like eCommerce shopping cart or order management system, with our services. We've done the integration work so your deployment will be quicker and easier.

Secure Integration Methods

Make your digital payment experience frictionless with our range of integration methods. Customize the solution based on how you want to deliver customer experience while balancing security and flexibility.

Acceptance Applications

Whether you need to send an invoice, charge a customer's card immediately, share a payment link, or schedule a subscription, there is a turnkey online solution that addresses your payment needs with no integration required.

1 Checkout Conversion Index, PYMNTS, February 2020, Stat from Q4 2019
2According to UPS and PwC referenced in the report Global Alternative Online Payment Methods and COVID-19s impact, May 2020.

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