Ready to take in-person payments?

Acceptance Devices lets you deliver more value for your customers by quickly and easily offering in-person payment journeys with a simple integration with your POS system.

Offer ready-to-deploy devices for countertop and mobile in-person environments

Integrate quickly and easily with your POS system with developer-friendly SDKs and APIs

Simplify operations with terminal management and remote software and configuration updates

Access an expanding network of global processing connections

Pre-certified and pre-integrated devices

A wide range of devices are available to fit your business’s needs.


4-inch touchscreen countertop terminal with physical pinpad. Supports Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity.



5.5-inch touchscreen mobile terminal with built-in barcode scanner. Supports Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity.



5.5-inch touchscreen portable terminal with built-in printer. Supports Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity.

PAX A920 Pro

Tap to Phone

Turn any compatible Android phone with NFC reader into a payment acceptance device.


How do Acceptance Devices work?

Our Acceptance Devices offer a variety of deployment options: semi-integrated, which can be used with your mobile or desktop point-of-sale (POS) application; all-in-one, where the POS application runs locally on a terminal; standalone mode, eliminating the need for any development or used as a backup when connection to POS is down; or Tap to Phone, where the POS application runs on a smartphone.


The POS application runs on a separate device and communicates with the terminal over the local network or cloud to accept payments.


The POS application runs on a terminal, enabling you to manage your business directly from the terminal.


No POS integration effort required to start accepting in-person payments. Simply enter the amount directly on the terminal to start transacting.

Tap to Phone

The POS application runs on a smartphone, enabling you to turn your smartphone into a payment terminal.

Manage all Acceptance Devices from a single location

Streamline operations and simplify processes by managing and configuring your devices through the Cybersource Business Center.

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