Acceptance Devices

Accept payments in person by integrating your point-of-sale system with our range of supported devices.

  • Countertop, portable, mobile, and Tap to Phone
  • Easy-to-use integration
  • Terminal management capabilities
  • Fully EMV certified and PCI-compliant

Card Present Connect

Enable merchants, tech partners, and acquirers to process card-present transactions.

  • Modular services that meet your implementation needs
  • Easy-to-use integration
  • Access to host connectivity to multiple processors including Visa Platform Connect
  • Agnostic support of devices including Tap to Phone
  • Open APIs for payment and post-transaction management

Kernel in the Cloud

Accept contactless payments on commercial-off-the-shelf devices (COTS) such as Android smartphones.

  • Hardware-light acceptance or no external hardware at all
  • Faster certification and cost savings to ecosystem partners
  • Pre-certified L2 kernel

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