Peak season resources for reducing fraud, streamlining costs, and maximizing revenue

When your job is to minimize fraudulent orders while maximizing sales, a massive surge in order volume can be challenging. Use our tips and tricks below to help make your peak season as seamless and stress-free as possible.


Keep these top 8 peak season fraud management tips handy for when things start to get busy. These reminders will help you keep your cool and strike the right balance between fraud losses, operational costs, and sales.

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Learn strategies for tackling the chief challenges of peak season. With these approaches to handling manual review, assessing fraud tolerance, and help with avoiding marketing to fraudsters, you’ll help make your life easier and your company more profitable.

  Sharpen Your Peak Season Fraud Management Strategies

  Capture More Revenue During Peak Season 

Other Peak Season Resources

Decision Manager Replay Datasheet

Learn how you can confidently quantify fraud strategies in real time prior to activating in the live production environment. Decision Manager Replay produces real-time insights into likely changes to the transaction disposition and fraud rates before you push rule changes live.

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Loyalty Fraud Benchmark Report

Download the 2017 Loyalty Fraud Benchmark Report to benchmark your business’ key loyalty fraud metrics against your peers. You will also learn about the key trends and challenges facing loyalty programs today, and the ways to address them.

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Rules Suggestion Engine Datasheet

Rules Suggestion Engine draws on your unique transaction data to automatically present recommended rules that can augment your existing fraud. Learn how it uses the outputs of CyberSource Decision Manager’s advanced machine learning models as inputs into the rule creation process.

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Global Payments Report

CyberSource and the Merchant Risk Council surveyed 484 eCommerce payment specialists at companies around the world as part of the third annual Global Payments Survey. This report highlights the survey results.

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